Las Vegas Locals Podcast Recorded from a different Las Vegas location every week, David and Alicia discuss everything Las Vegas has to offer!

May 2, 2014  

After weeks of tireless research David and Alicia Ivy have returned with a new installment on the Las Vegas Locals Podcast. This week we talk about some of the groovy shows in and around The Strip.
Art by our new favorite dude, Doug P'gosh., that we met at Viva Las Vegas this year.
March 25, 2014  

huge-hamburgerDamn, we eat a lot but it's so hard not to in such a great food town like Las Vegas. This week the Las Vegas Locals record at the Gold Coast after becoming the Mayor of the Buffet. Alicia and David Ivy discuss all of the food they've eaten in the last "handful" of weeks.
January 29, 2014  
What a great time we had in Las Vegas last weekend. Instead of writing show notes, doing research and all that jazz, David and Alicia Ivy just talk about the last THREE days in Las Vegas. Recorded at the MGM Grand The Las Vegas Locals cover:
  • LVH
  • January 6, 2014  
    Recorded at The Silverton, Bally's and on the Monorail, we get back to our discussion about about not paying over $4 for a beer in Las Vegas. Is it really $9 for a Coors Light at Cosmopolitan? Do we really "Love this Bar"? Is there really that much tequila in a perfect margarita? We also teach a lesson in tucking one's "Cool Balls" and having fun in dorky places (or at least dorky to some).  We also hit the NFR Cowboy Christmas, discover that Du-pars is over priced and learn that some of the "not cool" casinos are just that... Cool!
      November 19, 2013  
      Recorded at the bar of the Clarion and in the fancy garden area of The Wynn, we decide that Las Vegas is in fact the safest city in the world. Maybe not the safest city to live but the safest city to visit. Why not? Where else can you get completely smashed, act a fool and pass out in the street of a major metropolitan city and you will most likely end up safe and sound in your hotel room?
        November 5, 2013  


        This week we are on a budget. So where do we go for cheap thrills and spills? We kind of got distracted by Las Vegas and forgot we were recording an episode of Las Vegas Locals. As a result there are some great moments of drunken tourists, Circus fails and police activity. We also pay homage to some people that inspired us like Charlie Bass of Vegas Talk Radio, Cheap O Vegas, Ted at Access Vegas and Tony Curtis of Vegas Advisor

        We also give our impressions of some new Down town Las Vegas spots.

        This week we come to you from The Venetian, Carnival Court and Slots A Fun.

        October 28, 2013  
        Porn Slapper

        The Las Vegas Local: The most dangerous Las Vegas Podcast? Maybe. In this episode live from The LVH and Slots A Fun. is everything we have learned about the sex industry (Hookers) in Las Vegas. We were as surprised as you will be at how much one picks up in your travels throughout Las Vegass

        This is by no means an expert opinion but as listeners to David and Alicia, you already know that. We apologize in advance for some of the things we cover in this weeks episode.  Special Thanks to Precious Roy , Saul Goodman and Hunter of Vegas Mate. We are sure they are happy to be a part of such a classy episode.

        October 22, 2013  


        This week we come at ya from Mandalay Bay's Orchid Lounge.

        Bar Rescue and Wicked Pizza

        Romantic Places In Las Vegas

        Romantic walks

        • Wynn
        • Encore
        • Bellagio
        • Mandalay Bay
        • Canal Shops
        • Mirage
        October 16, 2013  


        This week are on location. NPR style baby, but without the boring ass hosts and terrible modern jazz.

        So , you are in Las Vegas for a few days and you don't want to waste a moment. Here are a few places to avoid as to not ruin a second of Las Vegas fun! These aren't all bad but if you are only in Las Vegas of a few days and time is an issue, you'd be better served not bothering.
      • Drug Dealing club Promoters

        October 4, 2013  

        We started at one of our favorite cheap joints, Hooters Hotel and Casino before heading in to the belly of the MGM on the biggest fight of the year to watch a Cirque show. After the fight and show we needed a Philly Cheese Steak so we headed to the best in town, Steak Out next to UNLV.

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